Create & Maintain

Update your CASS resolution pack within 5 working days of any changes, and produce it on demand within tight deadlines.

Delegate & Monitor

Delegete and share with individuals or teams that spend some or all of their time dedicated to maintaining the resolution pack.

Content & Process

Get the process and workflow under control and vastly reduce the time to create the pack and respond to changes.

A selection of CASS RP features

CASS Director is an automated client asset resolution pack management for CF10as.

The application allows users to organise content into logical sections and tick off specific FCA provisions to demonstrate compliance from the outset. Every piece of information stored within CASS Director is easily updated with a full audit trail of all changes, so users keep track of vital compliance information.

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Download our fact sheets for more detail on the CASS Director modules for Resolution Packs and Trust Acknowledgment Letters. Select a document to open in PDF format.

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Compliance timeliness: The tech risks you didn’t know you had

11 May 2015

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Electronic Signing

06 May 2015

Most financial services firms will be executing documents on a weekly if not a daily or hourly basis: two or more parties agreeing to be bound by a se...

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